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EDGAR is the acronym for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval - a program by the US Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") that allows for filing, indexing and storage of documents that public corporations are required to provide to the public and store with the SEC. Required documents must be filed electronically.

Scullin Group EDGAR Services:

The Scullin Group is a full service EDGAR filing agent. Our services include EDGARization of text and tables into ASCII or HTML from Excel, Word, Word Perfect, PowerPoint or PDF formats. We offer cost effective amendment processing, redlining and distribution of EDGARized documents. The Scullin Group has unequaled experience in all areas of EDGAR compliance, including the electronic filing and distribution of public companies' financial materials on schedule and with an assurance of privacy until the file is approved for filing. We assemble the project in accordance with the strict specifications the filing must meet to ensure acceptance by the SEC. As part of our comprehensive service, we can confirm SEC codes, keep them on file for future reference, check with the SEC regarding your FEDWIRE funds and provide you with filing schedules, blank forms and templates. We provide you with all essential SEC filing information.

The Scullin Group's EDGARizing process starts with converting your regulation documents to the SEC's required EDGAR format. This involves standardizing financial tables and text into either ASCII or HTML. With unequaled attention to detail, we also help to prepare your documents to include correct signature dating, electronic signatures, any necessary exhibits, an accurate Table of Contents and proper format and coding. If necessary, the Scullin Group can update company information with the SEC, check with the SEC to make sure any required monies are wired and complete any necessary items to ensure that your document is converted and filed properly. The Scullin Group prides itself on its ability to perform this service quickly and accurately. We continually strive to offer the highest quality, cost effectiveness and unsurpassed customer service available.

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