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Scullin Group Virtual Admin Client Testimonials

"Love the Scullin Group! They are a virtual extension of our team and free up our time to focus on our core business. Love their attention to detail and how easily they take care of their tasks for us. Thank you!"
-Claire Guarino, HomeCooked founder and CEO

"Scullin Group has been a tremendous help to me in running my business. I am a low tech person in a high tech business environment - and busy. They fill the gap. They handle media outreach for my business keeping me on par in my market niche. They are timely, on top of things and have great graphic sensibilities. They are easy and pleasing to work with. They have made a big difference in my operations. Thank you The Scullin Group!"
-Pamela West, LMT

"TSG helps take care of the details and keep me on track to I have more time to focus ont he bigger picture to help move my business forward."
-Julie Hayes, Independent Color Street Presidential Founder & National Executive

Scullin Group Corporate Clients

The Scullin Group is proud to serve and represent the following select clients:

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